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Market Studies

We undertake studies that allow the evaluation of the investment intentions and the definition of the corresponding business models.

Business Plans

The business plans allow you to test the forecast behaviour of the project as a result of the parameters set in the market study.

They comprise the inherent economic and financial analysis, allowing to determine the investment value, the financing structure and the profitability indicators.

The business plans should be complemented with marketing plans, outlining strategies for the management, business operations, and promotion of the ventures.

Financial Support

Financertus assists the investor in selecting the adequate tool for the project.

We prepare the application(s), providing technical advice for its development, up to the final decision.

Through the implementation stage of the project, we monitor its physical and financial accomplishment, namely the audits and the payment requests aiming Community support.

Subsequently, we monitor the objectives set in the application to compete for the Achievement Award.

Technical Assistance

We offer:

  • Technical and project evaluation on procedural antecedents, including a strategic diagnosis;
  • Support in shaping the typology of tourism projects and consequent functional parameterisation;
  • Study of the more suitable architecture and speciality solutions aiming at better management, and economic feasibility within the legal framework;
  • Project management and institutional follow-up;
  • Service Quality audits for internal evaluation or for the purpose of tourism enterprises classification;
  • Support for hotel management in the field of business operations;
  • Study of the equipment, with consequent cost evaluation, required for the accomplishment of the project; 
  • Procurement.

Project Management

Financertus has the know-how to provide the necessary technical support to the project authors and investment promoters, aiming to create an enterprise as an integrating part, not only economically and financially viable, but also an optimal venture in terms of functionality and management.

Through its associate companies in each area of activity, Financertus can take the responsibility of developing architecture projects and specialties, in compliance with the applicable legal provisions.

Management Support

Solely or in partnership, Financertus provides support in the following areas:

  • Functional optimization of enterprises
  • Operation Management
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Cost Control
  • Quality Certification
  • Environmental Certification
  • Recruitment, selection, and personnel training
  • Marketing


Image and Communication

Considered as an essential investment and not as an added expense, we guarantee an adequate graphic study to the venture and subsequent marketing plan.